Beach Mommy & Me: Arielle and Son

When Arielle reached out to book a mommy and me session, I just jumped for joy! We have always bonded on social media over so much stuff, but especially over our love for cloth diapering! There is just something about our babies little fluff butts that creates friendships. Once we finally met at our session, it really hit me hard on how this mama is so strong and so brave. She is a single mom and literally killing it. You can tell just from being around her and her boy that she has all of the love in the world for him and that just proves that her personality is special! Arielle is such a sweet, hardworking soul from being in the military to finally doing her dream job as a hair professional!

It takes a strong woman to work as hard as she can to provide the best life possible for her little man.

What was even better about our session was our boys got to play together and all I can say is, WOW! Double the trouble with those two together! They were having the best time hanging out with each other and ended up flipping the play tent over and breaking free! Once it was time for their session we immediately bonded over something else, babywearing! She has the most beautiful carrier I have ever seen and a part of me (or all of me) was extremely jealous. Arielle had to babywear her son because he was being a typical toddler and had his own thing in mind. This wild child was running all over the place and it was the CUTEST thing ever!

It is so nice being able to instantly bond with such a fun, sweet person!

Arielle, I cannot wait to do future sessions with you and your son! I am so happy that you believed in my business to invest in me and allow me to be your photographer! Here is to hardworking mamas, doing everything we can for our littles and kicking butt while doing it! I am so blessed to have found such an awesome friend along the way of my photography business journey!



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