Couple Session at the Sand Bar: Monica & Jon

Meeting up with Monica and Jon this past Saturday was seriously the highlight of my day! I did a mommy & me session for Monica and her two kids a few months back and was so excited to do just a session for these two since Jon missed out on the first one. Jon was on deployment for 3 months and returned a few days before we met up and oh my goodness guys, you good literally feel the love radiating from these two! I can relate so well to how they were feeling because I go through my husband having to go away often and when he gets home, we are like two little love birds that just met! It was so special to be able to capture such sweet memories of an extremely happy time for them!


These beautiful people are about to leave the Island of Hawaii to begin their next journey! It was so awesome being the person to get some of their last memories in the place they have called home over the last few years caught on camera! It was so much fun getting them to smile, laugh and really connect again with each other. Seeing the sparks fly between two people after they haven’t seen each other in months is incredible! They were constantly making each other laugh and following my directions so well and that is how we were able to get a variety of beautiful images in such a short amount of time!


Monica and Jon, thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer. I hope that one day we get to meet up again! I wish you all of the luck in the world in your next adventure in life! I will be watching through social media of your kids growing and becoming the amazing little humans yall are raising them to be! I am wishing you two a lifetime full of happiness and far less deployments because man those are rough




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