Hawaii Shipwreck One Year Old Birthday: Byron Russell

This little man just turned one year old and I was so excited to do this photoshoot for his mama to cherish as she watches Byron grow up! Byron was such a little cutie the entire time and wow, didn’t we get the best background?

From the bright blue waters to the cutest little ship, this shoot was literally perfection! Byron did not want to stay on his ship because he is an adventurous little soul. His little legs loved running as fast as he could away from his mama and we couldn’t stop giggling about it. It is such a big time in your life when your baby turns one year old and I can relate to Byron’s mom in so many ways because our boys are so close in age. I remember when my baby boy turned one a few months ago, it was such a special day and I will cherish those moments for the rest of my life. I am so bless to be able to capture these sweet photos that this sweet family will look back on years down the line and smile at!


I can just picture it now. They are all sitting around the table with Byron’s first real girlfriend and his mom whips these photos out. It will be so cute and I can just picture doing the same thing with my boy. Time seriously flies when you have a baby. I am sure Nina, Byrons mom, can relate to that. It almost seems like one day they are these tiny little infants snuggling up to your chest and you blink and it’s their first birthday. It is a crazy, amazing feeling! Byron is not going to stop running, Nina. You are going to blink and he will be two and then 5 and then before you know it, you will be buying him a car when he turns sixteen. Life changes so fast and you have to really cherish every single moment!


Nina, thank you so much for choosing me to be your family photographer here in Hawaii. I had so much fun capturing these super sweet moments for you and your family. The only thing I can tell you is breath in and really take in these moments because they go by so fast. Byron is going to be the BEST big brother ever when you have your new little baby! He is going to be sweet, caring and protective to that sweet little baby! I cannot wait to do your maternity session and future family sessions! Enjoy these sweet photos!






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