Military Promotion Ceremony: Brad and Amber

Oh Amber and Brad, You two are such wonderful souls! How did we get so lucky to score such amazing neighbors? Yes, you read that right! We have been neighbors for almost a year now and seriously couldn’t imagine it any other way! I was so excited whenever Amber reached out for me to take photos of her and Brad before his big promotion ceremony. She walked out looking beautifully as ever in her navy dress that coordinated perfectly with Brad’s dress uniform and I knew right then that these photos were going to be perfect. All we needed to make those pictures absolutely perfect was one single, white wall.


The shades of blue and pink popped out of the background beautifully and made them look like they were straight out of a magazine. Amber told me that she just had to get me to capture some memories of this night for her because she never gets to see Brad in his dress uniform. As soon as she said that I immediately thought to myself, “Man when was the last time I saw my husband in his dress uniform?”


Brad and Amber has one of the cutest love stories ever! They met when they were in just sixth grade and were high school sweethearts. Being together for almost twenty years you go through so much stuff together. After High School, Brad did one of the bravest things he could have done and joined the Marines 2001. Shortly after he was send overseas and served in operation Iraqi freedom. Shortly after these two lovebirds tied the knot and said “I do”, Brad joined the Coast Guard. The military is known for moving families from place to place, but these two called many different places “Home” over the years. They have been stationed in Indiana, Kodiak, Alaska, Michigan, Detroit and now here in paradise, Hawaii! It is really hard when your job moves you from state to state, but over the years you develop amazing friendships from all around the world! They have two wonderful children together, Wyatt (almost 11) and Gabe (age 7). Those two boys are lucky to have such loving and caring parents. Just from being neighbors I can tell how well mannered and respectable boys they are!


Brad has made an advancement in his career at every unit they have been stationed at and last March he was promoted to Chief. That is what brings us to this night. Brad just recently completed CCTI and is getting acknowledged for promoting to Chief! Brad and Amber, I am so happy you are our neighbors. I hope we continue to get closer and closer over this next year before yall PCS. Brad, we are so proud of you and everything you do! I cannot wait to do future sessions with your family!! Congrats, Brad!



  1. Judith Bertram says:

    So proud of our grandson and his beautiful family. Thank you so much for sharing their story. We are so happy to see your photos, you are absolutely correct when you say they are magazine material! The thing you captured is their love for each other. They are awesome inside and out. Love this family. Les and Judy Bertram


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