Dear Husband,

As I write this, I’m in our living room. 4,466 miles, across the ocean and then across the United States, you are sitting there in a classroom, in Florida. You have no idea what I would do right now to be able to turn my head and get a glimpse of your sweet smile right next to me on our big, cozy couch. I would promise not to drink Starbucks for six months if I could have you home today!  (Anyone who knows me, knows how big of a deal that is)

It is crazy how much our marriage has grown and blossomed through all of the rough times and all of the amazing times. I will continuously cherish every moment we get together whether it be over facetime or I actually get to squeeze your neck. Every time you have to leave I get so sad because you are my partner in life. The person I talk to about my rough days. The person I laugh with endlessly over the weirdest things.

You are my everything.

We created this incredible little human, Kam. I swear everytime I open my eyes in the morning and walk into his room in the morning, he looks older. Time is seriously flying and every single stage is even more fun then the last! His personality is so much like his daddy’s. He is always smiling, loving and trying to make everyone else happy.

He is amazing, just like you!

You are SUCH an amazing father. Even though you cannot be with us, you are constantly facetiming and trying to make the best out of every situation. Kam’s face lights up whenever he sees his daddy on the phone. He starts yelling “DaDaDaDa” while his smile is so big he can barely open his eyes! We both love you more than you could ever imagine!

Babe, I will always love you. One day we will look back at these photos and see how much we have grown. Our baby won’t be a baby anymore and our lives will be so different. We probably won’t move from state to state. We will be able to go to work and come home to each other at night and we will be able to look back and just cherish these sweet, hard times without each other. These hard times make our love for each other stronger and for that, I am grateful!

I love you and I hope you enjoy these pictures of me and Kam!




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