Hawaii Mommy and Me Session: Lara & Her Littles

Two sessions later, we captured the perfect photos of Lara and her sweet boys. First we wanted to dip our toes in the waters at Bellows Beach and had all of the amazing plans of bringing life to her photos with the mountains and blue waters, but the rain had different plans for us. Although, we got some amazing pictures even with the rain fighting against us. The rain just kept pouring and pouring and we ended up rescheduling for the following week.

When we arrived at our session that was rescheduled, we just thought we couldn’t catch a break. It was dark and cloudy and looking like we were very limited on time. As we were walking up to the beach, Lara and I were giggling because we had the worst luck with the weather and I said quickly toward the sky “I only need 30 minutes!!!” Luckily, we got our 30 minutes and created some amazing photos of her sweet family! Jumping over hurtles the entire time with not only the weather, but little boys wanting to be little boys and playing in the water! I don’t blame them, I would want to play in the bright blue water too.

As the boys were splashing in the water and Lara was trying to get them to just smile for the pictures, I was behind the scenes getting some really cute lifestyle pictures that turned out better then she expected! Sometimes you just have to release the reins and let boys be boys and get the really special pictures of them playing! That is just what we did!

Lara, you are so sweet and it was so nice meeting you. I really enjoyed your session with your boys! They are something special and your youngest boys curls are amazing! I hope you enjoy all of your pictures and will cherish them for a life time!


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Photography by Katelynn florida  ||  designed by Katelynn Florida