Hawaii Vacation Maternity Session: Lisa and Family

There are a few things that just fuel my fire when it comes to a session. One of those things is a beautiful sunset right over the ocean and the other is meeting families that are on vacation from another state! Lisa is in the military herself and once a year her unit sends her to Hawaii and she has been so blessed to be able to bring her husband and son along with her, what a perfect vacation! It was so much fun meeting this sweet family, especially their son. He was such a character and had the most luscious hair I have ever seen.

No, really! I was almost jealous at how amazing his hair was. Lisa pulled it back into the perfect man bun for the session and I have a feeling she will have to fight the ladies off of him one day! He was immediately ready to run and play and splash. His daddy was chasing him and they were having the best time as I sat behind the camera, capturing these sweet moments and feeling so extremely blessed to be apart of this moment!

Wyatt is going to be the best big brother to his baby sister. Lisa I am so excited for you and your family to welcome your sweet little girl into this world. Thank you for letting me be here for you on your vacation and document special moments in yall’s life! You are such a great mom and everyone reading this can feel the love you and your family has for each other. That is the best thing about a photograph, the love will last forever and everyone will be able to see that!

Hawaii Sunset Photoshoot

Hawaii Photoshoot


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