Alicia and Family

The day of this shoot could not have been more beautiful. Usually on weekends, Bellows Beach is overly crowded but this day it was the definition of perfection. There were minimum people, the sun was filtered by a thin white sheet of clouds and the water was bright blue. From the moment we walked through the trees and onto the beach, I had this deep feeling that this shoot would be amazing. The mountains are usually kind of hazy but when we got there they were so clear and beautiful!

Alicia and her family were such a fun family to be around! I was constantly joking around this the kids and making them laugh for the pictures. I couldn’t imagine spending my day any other way than with this family! This was the first shoot they have done in about ten years. I am so blessed that I was the one to provide these pictures for this family.

Alicia, you are so sweet and I am so happy we finally got together for a shoot. It was really nice meeting all of you and I hope you enjoy all of your photos, I know I do! Enjoy Hawaii and I hope one day we can do another shoot together before one of us leaves the island!

Family Beach Session

  1. Aunt Reni says:

    Awesome. My nephew and his wonderful family. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful


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