Hawaii Photoshoot with new puppy: Joseph and Hailey

Joseph and Hailey’s session with their new puppy was so special to me. I met Hailey through a mutual photography group we are in together and I couldn’t wait to get her in front of my camera. When she reached out she wasn’t even in Hawaii yet. They were already searching for their perfect puppy for when she moved here and let me tell you, they definitely found the most perfect puppy they could have! She was so well mannered and so sweet. They gave me puppy fever from the start of the session!

Hailey was really nervous about a beach photoshoot because she didn’t know how her new puppy, Ban would act around so many people or other dogs. She had absolutely nothing to worry about. Ban was an angel! We walked a ways past the crowd of people and found a pretty nice secluded spot for us to drop our stuff and start shooting! Ban was having the time of his life eating sand and trying his hardest to get into the water. He kept us smiling the entire time!

It was the perfect overcast day to get Hailey in front of my camera. We were laughing because she told me she was going to pretend that she wasn’t a photographer for the day and let me take control and I know how hard that is because I have been there and done that! We all had such a fun time together and I am glad I got to show them a different side of the Island. Joseph has been here for over a year and has never seen these beautiful mountain views! I was so shocked, but I am sure now that Hailey has arrived on island she will make him be more adventurous and take advantage of all of these breathtaking views!

Hailey, I am so glad I finally got to do your session. You and your husband are so much fun to be around and I am so happy we have each other to bounce ideas off of and talk about our photography world to. Thank you for trusting me with my camera and I hope we become good friends while we are both on island!!


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