Hawaii Honeymoon: Vinni and Allison

If anyone asked me where I wanted to go for a vacation, I would immediately say Hawaii! Vinni and Allison were so lucky to have their honeymoon in paradise! They were the sweetest couple and I had the best time photographing them. It was such a great day for a photoshoot at Kualoa Regional Park. It was the perfect overcast day with the most beautiful mountain view and blue water. We found a perfect spot through the wooded area and stepped out onto the beach where it was secluded.

The entire session we were giggling and having the best time. They are a dual military family and they actually just found out they are PCSing to Hawaii next year. How exciting is that? I told them that I was happy they got to experience Hawaii as a vacation before they moved because I am sure anyone who lives in Hawaii can agree with me, it is not the same when you live here. Although, it is beautiful and it the views never get old!

Vinni and Allison, I am so happy I had the chance to be your photographer on yall’s honeymoon! I hope when you guys move here I can be your full time photographer! (: You guys are the sweetest and I can feel the love that ya’ll have for each other through these pictures!


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Photography by Katelynn florida  ||  designed by Katelynn Florida