Oahu Family Photoshoot: The Davis’s

One of the greatest honors I have as a professional photographer is preserving precious memories for families, capturing moments in time that’ll never come again but can be relived over and over again. The Davis’s family was extra special to me because I have known Ashley every since we lived in Virginia! Let me just tell you how nervous Ashley was for this session. She was so worried that her boys would be boys and act crazy and they were, but it made the session that much more fun! We got all of the good family pictures at the very beginning and then we had to get creative and have some fun!

We started taking some couple photos and we turned around and the boys were literally swimming in their white t-shirts! Ashley was stressing out and feeling like the session wasn’t going good, but let me tell you. We got some of the CUTEST pictures that will last a lifetime!

We have been planning a sunset shoot for many, many months and the day of this session it was dark and pouring down rain all day! We literally couldn’t catch a break and had the worst luck ever trying to get the session planned! We went with it anyways and I am so excited we did. These pictures are so amazing!

Ashely, I am so blessed to have worked with you and your family. You have the sweetest boys ever! I hope you finally have photos to get printed for your house <3


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