SSgt Buendia’s Retirement Session

Congratulations to SSgt Buendia for a long, amazing career in the military. I wish you and your wife, Stephanie happiness in yall’s next adventure in life. Transitioning from a career into the military to civilian life can be really tough, but amazing all at the same time. After years of you leaving home and being away often, you will get to be home with your wife and just enjoy life together.

Stephanie, I am so excited you chose me to be here for you during such a special moment. I know we didn’t have a lot to work with, but these photos will be remembered and cherished for a lifetime. As a military wife, I am extremely excited for you and your husband. I know it can be so hard being a military wife. Enjoy the future and cherish each other because what you guys have is so special. You two are so friendly and kind. Thank you for letting me be there for your husbands big day!


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