Welcome Home LCDR Brack: Deployment Homecoming Session

Being apart of the military community myself, photographing homecoming sessions are extremely important and special to me! It is so, SO hard to have your spouse gone for months at a time. The military sends them away and it never gets easier. Kids have to grow up without there dads or moms sometimes and they do not always understand why. It is also not easy for the military member to be gone. They miss out on firsts, important milestones and so many things.

LCDR Brack was deployed for five months and finally returned home to his family. It was a beautiful day at MCBR, a little hectic because they arrived a lot earlier than expected and I literally ran out there when they were arriving! Even though everything didn’t go as planned, it turned out absolutely incredible!

Jessica, you are such a warrior mama! Taking care of your kiddos while your husband is away is amazing and extremely hard to do by yourself! I am glad your husband is back home with you and you have your hunny back! Thank you for letting me apart of your special day!


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