The Shields Family Photoshoot: Hickam Honeymoon Beach, Hawaii

All I can say is wow! I am sure if you have been following along with this amazing photography journey that I have going on, then you would recognize this sweet couple. I did a photoshoot with them a few months back. The only difference this time is the WHOLE family joined us and it was an amazing turnout! Hickam honeymoon beach is a tiny, private beach on Hickam Air Force Base that people can rent out and it is beyond perfect for photoshoots. We originally wanted to do a sunset shoot at a different beach down the road, but the tide was so high that the sandbar was non existent. I honestly think it worked out in our favor because these pictures turned out absolutely beautifully!

Brad and Amber and their two boys are our neighbors here in Hawaii and they have been such amazing friends to us. I was so happy when she trusted me with her family photos because it is not easy to get the whole family in one location in Hawaii! We just had to document this amazing time and memories for the Shield’s family to cherish forever.

Amber, I am extremely grateful to have you and your family apart of my life and was so happy we got to do this. Enjoy this sweet time with yall’s family. Kelly and I are blessed to have such great neighbors. I hope you all enjoy these beautiful photos!


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Photography by Katelynn florida  ||  designed by Katelynn Florida