Sweet Hawaii Vacation @ Hickam Dog Beach

You have no idea how special this blog is to me. Everyone meet Cade and Haylee. Most of you already know that Haylee is my sweet, sweet younger sister and her and her boyfriend got to visit me in Hawaii for two whole weeks. It was the best experience I could have had. Being with my sister again just brought me back to our good old days! We made so many memories and Haylee got to spend quality time with her sweet nephew.

Cade and Haylee are such a sweet couple and this was the first time I was around them as a couple together. That is the worst part about being far away from home. I miss so many things and miss so much of my family. This trip was extremely special to me and Kam.

Cade and Haylee, thank you so much for visiting and I had the absolute best time. I really hope you guys love your photos <3 you two are absolutely beautiful! I will forever cherish these amazing memories with you guys. See you in a few months!


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