Romantic Photoshoot at Halona Beach Cove: Cy and Will

These two are a match made in heaven!! We were planning this shoot for a long time and we just knew it was going to be epic. To get to this beach you have to walk down a pathway of rocks and it is the most jaw dropping view I have ever seen. When Cy started walking down the rock path I instantly got goose bumps! Her dress was STUNNING and she absolutely slayed this shoot.

It was such a fun hour with these two and it was even better that the cove was pretty empty! That always makes for the best photoshoots! Everything about this night was incredible <3

Cy, I hope you and Will love yall’s photos. You guys definitely need to explore the island every chance yall get!

Mahalo <3


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Photography by Katelynn florida  ||  designed by Katelynn Florida