Last Family Photoshoot on Oahu: The Morris Family

Meeting the Morris family was SO special. After many months of Shelby’s husband being gone, they were able to do this photoshoot the day they left the island before they pcs’d to their new duty station. How awesome is that? I had the opportunity to capture such special memories before they left this beautiful island.

We ended up doing a sunrise shoot in a different location than originally planned because the night before we got to Kualoa Regional Park and it was absolutely down pouring. We had to call it quits and reschedule! The sunrise shoot ended up turning out beautiful and seriously will mean everything to this sweet family!

Shelby, thank you for letting me photograph you and your family before moving! It was definitely a shoot to remember. I hope you forever cherish these photos because they are truly amazing. You guys are beautiful and you looked stunning in your dress!



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Photography by Katelynn florida  ||  designed by Katelynn Florida