Hawaii Lifestyle Photoshoot: Courtney and Michael

What a special photoshoot! It was such a blast meeting Courtney and Michael. This was their first home together and they really wanted to document it in some way! That is where I came along <3 I went to their house and photographed them living their life in their home and let me tell you, it was a BLAST! I loved seeing them in their own living space with their two dogs.

These two are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. They are so fun and light hearted and the love that they show for each other is out of this world! It was so amazing to hear their story and how they fell in love!

Courtney, thank you so much for hiring me to come photograph such a special time in yall’s lives! I hope you guys forever cherish these memories! Never stop loving the way that ya’ll do, because it is truly inspiring (:



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Photography by Katelynn florida  ||  designed by Katelynn Florida