Last Hawaii Photoshoot: Bri and Cade Watson

This breaks my heart writing this blog! My best friends on this planet are moving to another state in 2 short weeks. I am so excited to see their future, but SO sad to say goodbye. It isn’t goodbye forever though! The military is so good at bringing people together and making them say goodbye. Bri and I are from the same hometown and that is what is so special about our friendship.

We really got close whenever my husband was away for most of the year. She would come over and help me at anytime, be there to talk and become one of my closest friends! We are both workaholics so it is extremely hard to plan a girls day :p but I will forever and always cherish her friendship.

Bri and Cade, I wish we could have many more years in the same state <3 We love your game nights, girl talks and margaritas!! I will miss ya’lls beautiful faces. I am in tears even writing this! Kam will miss you guys so much!!

I love you guys <3


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Photography by Katelynn florida  ||  designed by Katelynn Florida