My favorite thing in the whole wide world is documenting sweet memories of mamas and their babies! This family PCS’d the day after we did these photos and they really wanted to have pictures of their sweet girl in the place she has called home for so many years. Michelle, I am so happy you […]

Mommy and Me

Dec 21, 2019

Mommy and Me: Lanikai Beach

This is such a bittersweet blog to write because this is the LAST photoshoot I get to do with Kylee and her sweet family before they move off the island! Kylee, I have written so many blogs for you and your family but this one is definitely different. I just wanted to thank you for […]

Mommy and Me

Jul 15, 2019

Mommy and me @ the pier: Kylee and Jensen

Oh My GOODNESS! These kiddos are just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. It was the perfect day for a quick photoshoot on Hickam Honeymoon Beach. The kids outfits looked perfect against the bright blue water and their smiles were gleaming! Their mama, Amy’s favorite holiday is 4th of July and she just […]

Mommy and Me

Jul 4, 2019

4th of July Mini Sessions: The Barreto Kids!

Oh my! This sunrise session was such an amazing time and going back to look at these photos are just bringing me back in awe. Looking at the sky with all of the different colors spreading throughout is just breathtaking! The blue water was making its way through the rocks on the beach and making […]

Mommy and Me

Jun 22, 2019

Sunrise at Bellows Beach: Shannon and her boys

Some of you might recognize this sweet family from a previous shoot I did at the beginning of the year. It is absolutely crazy how fast kids grow up. Looking back at our previous shoot to this one, they are ridiculous bigger and older looking! It is amazing how special it is to document these […]

Mommy and Me

May 28, 2019

Hawaii Mommy and Me Shoot: Mikayla & Twins

Two sessions later, we captured the perfect photos of Lara and her sweet boys. First we wanted to dip our toes in the waters at Bellows Beach and had all of the amazing plans of bringing life to her photos with the mountains and blue waters, but the rain had different plans for us. Although, […]

Mommy and Me

May 12, 2019

Hawaii Mommy and Me Session: Lara & Her Littles

The weather was perfect, the water was blue and the sky was at its prime “golden hour” making for the perfect evening for a mommy and me session. Brittany and her two boys showed up ready to take some beautiful photos. When I first saw all of them, I was over the moon with their […]


May 10, 2019

Hawaii Mommy and Me Session: Brittany and Boys

As I write this, I’m in our living room. 4,466 miles, across the ocean and then across the United States, you are sitting there in a classroom, in Florida. You have no idea what I would do right now to be able to turn my head and get a glimpse of your sweet smile right […]

Mommy and Me

May 9, 2019

Dear Husband,

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